Personal Update.....

I wanted to give everyone an update here as most of you know that my grandmother is not doing too well. The hard truth is that my grandmother is ready to pass. She has been back into the hospital again due to the mistreatment of the nursing home staff.

Currently she is at peace. She has come to terms that she is dieing and wants to meet her lord and savior. I visited with her last night for a bit and she had a glow to her that I have never seen before. She honestly looked the most peacful that she has looked for the last 2 years.

You can imagine the rough time that my family is going through. Even though we understand that she has accepted her path and is waiting for her golden chariot to take her home, the realization that she will no longer be around is slow to settle in.

The part that hurts the most is watching her die and realizing that she knows that she is dieing. Even though she is at peace with it, it is still hard. Please keep her in your prayers that she will have a quick journey.

Mark you and your family will definitely be in my prayers buddy. Remember I’m almost always on aim bro and always up to lend an ear.

So sorry to hear about that Mark:( I know that it can be really hard to know that you are going to be losing someone you love really soon.
You and your family will definetly be in my prayers.


mark same goes hear like derek im ussually around and plyus you got my number so call when ever you need a ear or anytthing i got your back

Thanks everyone! The doctor has told us that she is going to be putting us on an emotional rollercoaster. She is definately doing that. This evening she seemed perfectly fine, cracking jokes and told my sister that she had a fun day, meanwhile this morning she was in atrial fibulation.

I dunno if this means anything, but I am somewhat superstitious about some things. Before I went to the hospital to visit with my grandmother, my father and I stopped at my grandmothers farm to hook-up the hot water heater for my aunt and uncle who are staying there. After we hooked up the breaker (which turned out to be a bad breaker) we decided to walk around the yard and see if anything was out of place.

Immediately I noticed that the trees and flowers in her garden did not look as healthy as they once did. As we got exploring the yard, I started to hear what sounded like a child screaming. I naturally asked my father if he heard it as it was really really faint and sounded far away.

Nope. Thinking that someone may have wandered onto the property I suggested that we go check it out and try to locate the sound. We explored a minute and found the source of the sound to up on the hill above where the barn used and water well used to stand. As we got to the plateau on the top hill we saw 3 birds jump into the air and fly away. They were dark birds and had an ominous aura that seemed to drag behind them.

We at first thought crows, but judging by the distance away from us they were and the size of their bodies, they were way too big to be crows. They were Ravens. Ravens are not a very common bird in our area.