PCV where is it?

Yes Im stupid…sorry. I dont know these cars well at all, so I need some help. I just past 60k on the car and I was advised to change the PCV and Im stuck cause Im stupid and cant find where it is located. Any help would greatly be apreciated!

No your not stupid! Most people do not even realize we have a PCV valve.

1st Welcome to ZX2MS!

2nd, Heres is a link to teamzx2’s PCV how-to


Its really easy to change. You just have to be careful to NOT break the tube. If you have 60k and have not replaced it before the tube may be dry rotted and brittle. This happened to me when I changed mine. I had to make a new tube out of a GM part as that was all the autoparts store had.

Hmm…maybe I should change mine.

If you pull the PCV valve and shake it, if it rattles, it’s still good. I’ve got 150k, and mine’s still rattling when I shake it.

for $5 and the 5 mins it takes to pull it, dont bother rattling it.

$5 could be spent on a six-pack of Bud to drink while trying to locate the PCV. PRIORITIZE

lol… mmmm beer!!!