So when would be a good time to reset the PCM. After small mods, large mods, at all? Would the car just adjust after a few days of driving with a new mod? Discuss. :smiley:

My CPU is a nueralnet processor. A learning computer.

As Arnold said…our computer learns. That’s why when you do the POTS mod, you don’t want to leave it on all the time or the gains will eventually be lost until you reset the PCM. I personally have never reset the PCM after doing a mod.

  • Darron

You quoted Arnold. LOL, that deserves a karma point my friend.

What can I say, as a CA resident I have a soft spot for my governor.

It couldn’t hurt to reset it. Either way it will learn, but it’ll probably learn faster if you reset the PCM.

Probably wouldn’t make much of a difference either way. A little timing here, a tiny bit of gas there. I doubt you would be able to feel a difference after the PCM learns anything, other than what the mod itself did. Maybe for larger power adders (header, cams etc), but everything else… Probably not worth the time.