Passenger Side Headlight Assembly

I need the Passenger Side Headlight Assembly for a good price. Mine leaks and I have broken 2 bulbs b/c of water splashing onto them (even w/ trying to reseal it (didnt work) and then drilled holes (worked for few months)).

You and me both, but I need a Driver’s side.

1 of 3 local junkyards have lights. The one that does have them left wants $125 and I just left when they said that.

dude you should have told me like two months ago…

I could have ripped one from the 98 I got my valve cover(still have to work on that…) off of…

The place I use in Binghamton charges by size of the light in millimeters or something like that. might be like $0.15 per mm. not sure though

How about these? … otohosting

I’ve got a set of black housing headlights that I’m putting in. I probably will be getting rid of my old ones. They will need the wiring for the headlights, I smoked mine with a set of street glows a few years back. No Idea on prices as of yet though, if you still need them by spring email me at