Passed My PT Test!

Yippie! I am the epitomy of fitness! Hahhaaha.

I was pretty happy. I’ve worked my ass off at the gym and running at home for the last few months, so yeah. It’s not easy for us fat kids.


ROFLMAO!! This is true my friend!!!11

sry reliving old memories

What’d you pass with?

What was your 1.5mi time?

I ran a 12:22 1.5, did 50 situps, and 43 pushups. Pretty sweet. :slight_smile:


Congrats man!! Thats awesome!


I still hate PT tests, and ours is coming up.

What service?

Yeah dude, I hate them as well. I always get all nervous.


I don’t get nervous anymore; I just don’t really care for them. I have one next week, one in June, and then one in August. Twice a year unless you are attending a school, then they hook you up with one when you get there and one right before you graduate.

That sucks dude. In my squadron, I guess the commander is pretty anal about fitness or something, and so if you fail one you go into the FIP (fitness improvement program), otherwise known as the fat boy program. Anyways, even after you pass, you have to take a baseline every month for 5 months after you get out of the program to make sure you are still in shape. Freaking 5 months! I was in the FIP last year, since I had failed my test, but like I said, this year I worked my ass off to pass, so that way I wouldn’t have to be busting my ass constantly to stay out of the program.

Last year I was in the FIP for three months. I did about 35 situps, and 40 pushups, with a 12:10 mile and a half, with three months of vigorous workouts beforehand. This time, I worked out on my own (running, situps and pushups), and scored about the same overall, (with the scores I mentioned above), but only worked out for about two months ahead, not three.

My point? That program sucks big balls. It doesn’t work for me very well. I do better on my own.

We PT test every month.

It’s bullshit.

US Air Force

31 years old
1.5mile = 9:54
push-ups = 74
sit-ups = 46

1.5 mile - 10.26
62 push-ups
75 situps
28.5 inch waist.
22 years old.

sorry been gone a while, but had to get through Phase I of BNCOC and finish my semester of school…now on to Phase II…

took my APFT last month…not too bad
59 push ups
70 situps
still waiting on the P2 to get lifted, so no run just yet…paperwork takes far too long…

God damn Pip. Freaking running man over there. I wish I was a stick… I wouldn’t even have to run.

You know, I think they got it all wrong. Skinny people don’t have to run to pass their test, so they could be the most out of shape folks. If anything, the fat kids that pass are going to be better, because they have to really work to get it! So they are going to be able to go that extra mile, when the lazy skinny kid dies off.