Parts, Locations and Pricing

It seems that the Zxtuner links do not work. I will leave them up for a little long before taking them down.[/color]

Adjustable 22mm Rear Sway Bar — (Zxtuner $179.99[/color])
19mm Rear Sway Bar — (Zxtuner $119.99[/color]) (CTA Motorsports $149.00[/color]) (EFP $169.99[/color])
Progress Sport Springs — (Zxtuner $159.99[/color])
Lowering Springs — (EFP $199.99[/color]) (Megan Racing $109.95[/color])
KYB GR-2 Struts — (CTA Motorsports $69.00/strut (Front), $59.00/strut (Rear)[/color])
Ground Control Kit (Eibach ERS Springs and Adjuster Sleaves) — (CTA Motorsports $625.00[/color])
Intrax Lowering Springs — (Summit Racing $189.95[/color])
Strut Tower Bar — (CTA Motorsports $45.00[/color]) (Zxtuner $37.99[/color])
Camber Alignment Bolt Kit — (CTA Motorsports $15.00/corner[/color]) (EFP $37.99/pair[/color])

Ford Racing Intake Manifold (download file[/color] part# M-9424-ZX3R)
Ford Racing Throttle Body (download file[/color] part# M-9926-ZX3R)
Hotshot Intake — (Zxtuner $143.99[/color])
Weapon-R Dragon Intake — (Spider Automotive $139.95[/color])

Ford Racing Cam Gear (10° Adj.) — (Summit Racing $148.88[/color])
Cam Gears (10° Adj.) — (EFP $299.99/pair[/color])
Esslinger Gears (10° Adj.) — (Zxtuner $99.99[/color])
Cam Gears (10° Adj.) — (Zxtuner $39.99[/color])
Kent Cams (6° Adj.) — (Zxtuner $269.00[/color])
Valve Spring & Retainer Set — (EFP $299.99[/color])
Cosworth Valve Springs — (Zxtuner $220.00[/color])
Zetec Camshafts — (EFP $399.99/pair[/color])
Web Cams — (Zxtuner $289.00/cam[/color])
Stock/Oversized Valves — (Zxtuner $13.49/piece[/color])
Accel Coil Pack — (Zxtuner $69.99[/color])
MSD Blaster Coil Pack — (Zxtuner $79.99[/color]) (EFP $99.99[/color])
8mm Spark Plug Wire Set — (EFP $69.99[/color])
9mm Ford Spark Plug Wire Set — (Zxtuner $44.99[/color])
Esslinger UDP — (Zxtuner $84.99[/color])
Zxtuner UDP — (Zxtuner $59.99[/color])
Under Drive Pulley — (Massive Speed System $98.95 w/belt[/color])
Serpentine Belt for aftermarket UDP — (Zxtuner $27.99[/color])
Alternator Overdrive Pulley — (Zxtuner $23.99[/color])
A/C Eliminator — (Zxtuner $79.95[/color])

Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch — (Zxtuner $295[/color])
B&M Short Shifter — (Spider Automotive $119.95[/color]) (Zxtuner $129.99[/color])
Pacesetter Short Shifter — (Spider Automotive $79.95[/color])
Triple Axis Short Throw Shifter — (Zxtuner $159.95[/color])
Quaife Differential — (Gearboxman $902.818[/color])

4-2-1 Header Kit — (Zxtuner $350.00[/color])
Hotshot Cat Back Exhaust — (Zxtuner $329.99[/color])
JBA Header — (Summit Racing $447.95[/color])
Pacesetter Header — (Spider Automotive $169.95[/color]) (Summit Racing $156.69[/color])
Pacesetter Exhaust System — (Spider Automotive $239.95[/color])
Copper Header Gasket — (Zxtuner $19.99[/color])
Standard Header Gasket — (Zxtuner $8.99[/color])
2.25 & 2.5 CAT back with choice of muffler — (TruBendz $320.00-$480.00[/color])
2.25 & 2.5 CAT w/Resonator and choice of muffler — (TruBendz $370.00-$555.00[/color])
2.25 & 2.5 w/Highflow CAT and choice of muffler — (TruBendz $395.00-$555.00[/color])
2.25, 2.5, 3.0 Exhaust Tubing — (TruBendz $140.00-$250.00[/color])
Borla Muffler — (CTA Motorsports $459.00[/color])
MagnaFlow Catalytic Converter — (CTA Motorsports $89.00[/color])
MagnaFlow Catalytic Converter (Mirror Finish) — (CTA Motorsports $109.00[/color])

Uni-directional Drilled Rotors — (Zxtuner $84.99/pair[/color])
Uni-directional Slotted Rotors — (Zxtuner $84.99/pair[/color])
Uni-directional Slotted/Drilled Rotors — (Zxtuner $89.99/pair[/color])
Stainless Steel Brake Lines — (Zxtuner $99.99[/color])
Brake Bias Controller — (EFP $69.99[/color])
High Performance Brake Pads (Disk Brakes) — (Zxtuner $69.99[/color])
Cross Drilled/Slotted (Front) — (CTA Motorsports $150.00[/color])
Cross Drilled/Slotted (Back S/R) — (CTA Motorsports $168.00[/color])
Rear Drum Replacement — (CTA Motorsports $125.00[/color])
Add $12.00/per Rotor/Drum for Cadmium Plating (Optional)

Custom Turbo (Unlikely Hero) — (Rude Awakening Motorsports $1000-$2500[/color])
Turbo Kit — (Gude[/color])
–Below are Super Chargers that need Extensive Modification to work–
Supercharger (Centerfugial) — (Focus Sport $2999.95[/color])
Roots Supercharger — (Jackson Racing $2795.00[/color])
Roots Supercharger (Intercooled) — (PowerWorks[/color]) (FocusSport $4750.00[/color])

Single Program Chip — (BamaChips $269.00[/color])
Multi Program Chip — (BamaChips $289.00[/color])
SCTx2 Computer Programer — (BamaChips $399.00[/color])
Tune File Only (SCTx2) — (BamaChips $75.00[/color])
ZXtuner Black Box — (Zxtuner $79.99[/color])
S/R Computer — (Zxtuner $394.99[/color])
Diablo Delta Chip — (CTA Motorsports $225.00[/color])
Automatic Shift Improver — (EFP $89.99[/color])
Automatic Shift Controller — (EFP $169.99[/color])
Adjustable Fuel Mixture Controller — (EFP $69.99[/color])

Low Temp Thermostat — (Zxtuner $15.99[/color])
Flex-a-Lite Transmission Cooler — (Jegs $25.99-$42.99[/color])
TCI Transmission Cooler — (Jegs $41.99[/color])

Click Here[/color] (includes pictures and prices)

Concept X Hood — (StreetConcept $329.00[/color])
CF Stock Hood — (Zxtuner $399.00[/color])
CF Invader Hood — (Zxtuner $469.99[/color])
CF Fiber EVO VIII Hood — (Zxtuner $559.99[/color])
FiberGlass Hoods (all styles) — (Zxtuner $327.99[/color])

Clear Corner Headlamp — (Zxtuner $279.00[/color])
Black Headlamp Housing — (Street Concept $199.00[/color])
Altezza Taillights — (Zxtuner $184.99[/color]) (Street Concept $199.00[/color])

1010 Tires[/color][/url]
Tire Rack[/color]
Got Wheels and Tires[/color]
Wheels Next[/color]
Wheels Max[/color]

Zxtuner $15.99[/color][/url])
Spring Compressors — (Sears $49.99[/color])

Ford Racing[/color][/url])

John Bleakly $181.50[/color][/url]) (CTA Motorsports $279.00[/color])
Tokico S/R Strut Set — (Zxtuner $209.99[/color]) (John Bleakly $137.50[/color]) (CTA Motorsports $95.00/strut[/color]) (Massive Speed System $219.00[/color])

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Maybe we should move tools to a new page of tools that you would need to work on your car… Like spring compressors for lowering your car. Just a thought.

the link for zxtuner no longer works. :mrgreen: is back up
but if u want tried and tested turbo kits, stroker kits, cgi block check out for zetec dry sump oil pan for oil filter relocation, oil coolers, trans coolers, power steering coolers or any other vital cooling part self explanitory(EXSPENSIVE!) keep your BUTT planted

Due to the number of parts avaliable and locations. I will be making a change to this post over the weekend. Keep the parts and locations coming!

looks like it’s the old link - will get you to the home page, and some of the prices have dropped where other parts might not be available or replaced with something better.


Motorcraft Part #'s and other Important Part #'s (updated 12/27/06)
« on: September 22, 2006, 05:13:03 »

Here are some part # 's I have collected recently and bought these parts…

Valve Cover Breather
Serpentine Belt Tensioner Assy (# 5)
Pulley (# 2)
Ribbed Pulley (# 8)
Timing Belt Tensioner
Pulley (Upper Timing Belt Pulley Pre 99.5)
Pulley (Lower Timing Belt Pulley)
98 Valve Cover Center Bolts
One Piece Lower Timing Belt Gear
98 Vavle Cover Center Piece (No Longer Available Unless in stock)
Timing Belt (# 9)
Valve Cover Gasket
Motorcraft Double Platinum Spark Plugs
Motorcraft Oil Filter FL-2005
Rear Disc Long Bolt
Rear Disc Spindle Nut
Brake Line clips(horseshoe) brake line replacement
Injector O-Rings
Brake and Clutch Pads(replacemant rubber pads)
Exhaust manifold stud
SVT Focus Fuel Pump Assembly (Motorcraft #)
3S4Z-9H307-BC (PFS204)
S/R badge (silver)
XS4Z5442528-AAC (standard on red S/R)
S/R badge (red)
XS4Z5442528-AAD (standard on black and yellow S/R)
S/R Decal - door
S/R Perforated Leather Steering Wheel
Manual Shifter bushings(Inserts,4 required,2 per package)
Escort Zx2 Header Panel,(plastic piece that holds headlights)

Energy Suspension (x.xxxxR =RED x.xxxxG =Black)

HYPER-FLEX SYSTEM Complete Master Bushing Set Includes:
Front control arm bushings, front 25mm and rear 13mm sway bar and end link bushings, rear trailing arm bushings, steering rack bushings, transmission shifter stabilizer bushings (manual transmission only).
Front Sway Bar End links (1.0" spacer sleeve)
Rear Sway Bar End links (1.625" spacer sleeve)
Manual Transmission Shifter Stabilizer Bushing Set
Front Sway Bar Frame Bushings (25mm)
Rack and Pinion Bushing Set
Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
Rear Sway Bar Bushings (3/4" / 19mm)
Rear Sway Bar Bushings (21mm)
Front End Control Arm Bushing Set

from JohnP(Thanks John)

Right(pass. side) XS4Z - 6038 AA

Rear MTX F7CZ- 6068 - AC

Rear ATX F8CZ - 6068 - BA

Front F4CZ - 6038 - D

MTX Trans Mount F7CZ - 6038 - EA

I checked the dealer to make sure the numbers are current , all are good . The base number will always be the same , 6038 , 6068 .

Pinion Gear E92Z 4215 A 52.50 each
Thrust Washer for Pinion Gears E92Z 4230 A 10.31 each
Thrust Washer for “Diff side gear” E92Z 4228 A 12.60 each
Gear “Diff side” E92Z 4236 B 56.15 each

and if you shattered the ring gear for the vss, the pink one E92Z 17285 A 22.21

From Nismo, thanks bud…

From TSmiley98, thanks bud…
Item Part Number Description
1 4228 Differential Side Gear Thrust Washer
2 4230 Differential Pinion Thrust Washer
3 4228 Differential Side Gear Thrust Washer
4 4236 Differential Side Gear
5 4211 Differential Pinion Shaft
6 4221 Bearing
7 â€â€

Eibach Springs 196.15 shipped from Jason (dj12inches) and whatever his company he works for is. 800-874-8888 ex 176