Hey Guys. My sister hit a curb and damaged the suspension on her 2002 Ford ZX2 Sport. it’s blue and has 86k miles on it. The shop wanted like 2200 to replace tie rods and align it and all that stuff, so I’m selling it, or parts of it instead, since nobody drives it.

The engine has 86k miles on it. The transmission was rebuilt in 2008, and has about 2000 miles on it!

Some exterior panels are damaged (Both doors, and the right front fender). Most everything else is in pretty good condition.

I am selling the whole car outright for $1,000 (negotiable)
I am also selling any individual parts you guys may want. So if you want the passenger seat, or the rear seat, or the trunk lid, or whatever, Email me, and name you’re own price. I’ll figure out what it cost to ship, I’ll box it up, and then there ya go! The car is located in READING PA, so you can come pick up any parts you want as well! As pieces go, the price of the rest of the car will come down. I will update this thread with what has been bought so far!

Happy buying guys! Email me: Text me: 610-780-1942