Parting out most of 98 Z

I am parting out most of a 1998 ZX2, manual, no power options. The reason i say most is because I haven’t decided what I will be doing with it yet. Let me know what you are looking for, and if it is available we can talk about pricing, and how you want shipped.


hey man, im looking for a transmission, how much would you let that go for and what would shipping cost?

Front bumper, headlights, turn signals,and trunk subfloor. Prices please.

do you take paypal?

hey i need all the bolts and clips that hold the front bumper on u have them?

How much for everything for a manual swap? Including the pedal cluster,lines.master and slave cylinder.

Color of the car? Looking for T-Red parts.

I need everything for a mtx swap how much for erthang?

Looks like he doesn’t check this too much… you might want to try the same post on TeamZX2…

the MTX is gone as far as I know

no T-Red parts- most of car is blue, hood is white, passenger door is silver, passenger fender is bright red.

but like I said, I’d really check TeamZX2 cause it doesn’t look like this has been touched since June…

where you been Angel?..haven’t seen you anywhere in forever…

been moving… and trying to get my car back in one piece and one color :smiley:

changing or painting the hood?

got a new bumper yet?

got a body kit back bumper, but it’s black… So I need to paint the bumper and the hood and I should be good for a while. :smiley:

How much for the TB?

post some pics as you go…