parting out a 1998 zx2

i have a 98 zx2 that im parting out . let me know if you need any parts and i will let you know if i have the parts available for sale.

What about the glove box and trunk sub floor?

I think you should put this in the For Sale section… But that’s just me.

yes i have the glove box and trunk sub floor. the interior is Lt. grey.

do you have the wiring harness for the power windows and the acuators? Thanks

if its a manual and the tranny’s still good… how much and how many miles? very interested

the trans is sold.

the has manual windows.

how much do you want for the glovebox and trunk subfloor?

hows 30$ sound?

how much for valve cover?

$30 sounds good. How do i get the money to you? I have a VISA debit card that I ve been using to buy things off of online stores like Would that work?

Headlight wire harness (just need the part that plugs into lights)???

do you have paypal???

No I dont. I dont even know what it is or how to get it. Im guessing though that thats how you give and recieve money. I guess my next question is how do I get it?

Go to Paypal and get signed up. Shouldn’t take very long to set up.

  • Darron