Parking lots are bad news

This is what happens when someone you know does a burn out and cant keep control!

Holy crap, what happened? Hit a pole?

No I was at a car club meeting and a member in a civic hatch tried showing off. He dropped the clutch and did a burn out right into me. Claims his ebrake broke a cable, I dont believe it.

damn dude… his insurance going to pay for it?

already did and now its fixed, But last weekend at the dragstrip I lost 2nd gear and 4th is going out now. Just my luck

Well, escort trannies aren’t exactly the strongest things in the world unelss you’ve brought them in and had them worked on. Our trannies are the weakest link.

Good thing your friends insurance payed for it… For his well being. (At least that is how I would view it)

Our differential is the weakest link. The next weak link is the shift forks. When I saw my differential after it was taken out I could see the ends of the teeth bent and warped, and 3 teeth missing after doing a 4000rpm launch in my summer/drag tires.

damn…thats alot of damage…