Parking lot GTA

HEADS UP EVERYONE! You walk across the parking lot, unlock your car and get inside. You start the engine and shift into Reverse, and when you look into the rearview mirror to back out of your parking space, you notice a piece of paper stuck to the middle of the rear window. So, you shift into Park, unlock your doors and jump out of your car to remove that paper (or whatever it is) that is obstructing your view. When you reach the back of your car, that is when the car jackers appear out of nowhere, jump into your car and take off. They practically mow you down as they speed off in your car. And guess what, ladies? I bet your purse is still in the car, if they see your home address and have your keys, your home is now compromised! BEWARE OF THIS NEW SCHEME THAT IS NOW BEING USED. If you see a piece of paper stuck to your back window, just drive away, remove the paper later and be thankful that you read this e-mail. Forward this to friends and family, especially to women. A purse contains all kinds of personal information and identification documents, and you certainly do NOT want this to fall into the wrong hands. Please keep this email message going. Better to read it and not need it.

Always good to know what scams are happening these days.

I guess people don’t notice the paper on the rear winshield prior to getting in the vehicle. Or if they put it on once you get in your car you would notice the person doing it. I don’t know, but I’m sure enough people had this happen to them that it is a problem now.

I say we should bring back old laws like the one that use to be for horse theives. That will deter people and save the state, county or city money.

My alarm system allows an auto start as well. One nice feature that I always use is the temp-stop. By pressing a button on my remote I can remove the keys. If anyone tries to move the car before hand, the whole car shuts down. Still that would leave a few would be theves to deal with. Good to know.