Paper or plastic

Got a job. Grocery store. Cashier and stocking. Sucks. Pays $6.50. Got into an argument with another coworker about how little FWD cars are great. He thinks that having a 4 banger makes you a ricer. He thinks my Escort sucks and that he “can drive circles around my piece of shit”, but anyways I hate this job and everything involved with it. By the way they change the sell by dates on just about anything, which sucks monkey balls. 4/13/07 will be the day of reckoning. Also I broke something in my Camaro which sucks, something in the motor. That is the first major breakage with any F-Body I’ve owned not related to an accident, though lots of minor crap. My Escort seems alright but I haven’t got much seat time in it (bought it shortly before my license suspension).

Bah, don’t listen to him. He wants to talk all kinda crap about a car, then he just might be the type of driver that puts TOO much faith and responsibility in the car. If he were to loose his first thought might be “ok, I gotta get a bigger engine or a faster car” not “how did I drive it?”

Getting tired of people picking on our scorts.

Exactly, I intend to show him that soon.

meh, people like that aren’t worth the time. at least you’re getting everything back on track, odds are that guy has worked there forever and probably doesn’t have a life. Sounds like he isn’t worth your time of day bro. All talk and all trash because he thinks he has something to prove, lol, i hate people like that.

I think Ive heard of that illness…the small penis complex…or something like that. lol

Oh yea! I’ve heard of that too, other symptoms is the desire to drive around in a pickup truck turned monster truck type vehicle on city streets.