Ive been sittin on some custom mirrors for a while now, and im looking to find a place that i can custom order my car paint in an aerosol can. Ive found one website already, but i was just wondering if anyone had any input on this process of doing it myself. They guarantee a color match, so it seems like it would work just fine. Any input is appreciated.

order a can… paint a peice of plastic and see how it comes out matching you car. if it matches or is close to matching go for it. Keep in mind there is metal flake in our color and that makes it harder to match.

Yeah so spray it, get some tin foil, put it in a blender, sprinkle it onto the sprayed area, and spray over it some more… lol :lol:

My local Napa can color match and put the color in a spray can. Then just test it out and see if it matches correctly.

you usually get any place that uses Dupont and PPG paint wil be able to do…