Paint Protection

I used to be a New Car porter at a Ford dealership and I had to detail the cars. There is an option you can get when buying a new car at the dealership. It is called the Paint and Fabric protection. Some people pay around $400 for this option and all it is, is having someone wipe down your console with an off brand armor all and spraying the cloth with some kind of “protection” spray. I may add that these products wear off in about a week.
Also the paint protection is merely a wax coating that we applied. This wax is good for awhile but it still wears off like any cheap wax. My recommendation is to use Meguire’s Gold Class wax, it makes your paint smoother than the paint protection and it lasts way longer. An armor all kit and wax will maybe cost you $35 and you can apply them to your car many times, instead of paying someone to do it for you for $400

yes the dealer loves to add stuff like that to a purchase contract - it makes them a ton of profit and little to no benefit for the buyer.

Exactly. People will pay over 500 just to get wheel locks put on…

the ones that make me the most upset is when they install one of those cheesebag aftermarket alarms in a car that already has a factory alarm! They usually put the module in the car before it’s even left the lot and then try to get you to buy it after they give you the key for it.

but thats not the part i hate… the part that kills me is that when they do the install, they cut the main 12v trunk line (usually 10 gauge wire) that runs thru the column to the ignition switch and redirect the current to the module that has a wire that is less than 1/2 the size and capacity, like 14 or even 18 gauge! Talk about setting the car up for ignition start problems down the road… sheesh!


Yeah no doubt. I used to see that every day. Thats y i choose to do my own wiring and stuff like that, that way i know it is done right and i dont have to worry about it at all. My car was totaled when I bought it. I made sure everything was put together right, my sound system was wired correctly with the right wires and every panel and part of the car was built soundly. So far everything works great and its been about 6 months. The dealership would have charged me almost 9000 for all the work that had to be done including the full new paint job, and it would have been done half ass, other than the paint cause my dad does that

You know what I hate? I hate it when some dude rolls up to my shop in a nine million dollar blinged out from hell Escalade and tries to give me grief over the cost of a freakin’ oil change for his “mistress” . . . !

You know what else I hate? I hate it when one of the Honda punks leaves his brain hammer on full blast, then I jump in it to bring it in the shop and “whammmmm”. I’m cross eyed during half the oil change process . . . !

Give me a strange and unusual electrical problem on a Cadillac any day. Anything to keep me from killing customers . . . LOL!

Lol yeah customers suck. Especially when they actually think that you are trying to charge them more work when their car is actually screwed up. I used to work in service for ford and i would use this thing called dab-a-lube and u would dab a little fluid from the oil, trans, brakes, antifreeze, power steering on this white thing and check to see if the fluids are okay. Well this guy decided that i wasnt doing it right and he came and lectured me about how i was going to charge him for checking it and i was going to make up that i found something wrong and he had to pay for it. I had to sit there and explain what i was doing lol that was the day I almost punched a customer