PA represent

Im down in central pa, york actually … probably the only one …

NOPE, im in York, Pa also. Lewisberry to be exact. Theres a nice S/R rollin around here w/ a WW Kit and exhaust and more stuff… Then theres my S/R, 17x7" Motegi DP6 Wheels, complete stereo system, and most importantly the K&N filter, HAHA.

O yea, theres also a Black Z w/ a buddy club kit on it and other stuff im assuming down near me at a shop off Rt. 74 near Dillsburg.

u should take a drive to harrisburg. go to … eName=WDVW to see what im talking about.

my z is sitting in windsor in my buddies garage in all sorts of stagesof torn apart

just realized ur the same guy that was looking up angel eye plans!!! Im a lil slow.

Yea, ugh this guy is in pa also, near us man, Tim Crone, … bum_id=653

Ok, I think it was Friday, but anyway, I saw a, id call it a purpleish red, ZX2 in Etters Pennsylvania, It was just past the super Rutters gas station. I was in my S/R, and this guy drove by in his. It was a standard Z, lowered more than my S/R "guessing coilovers, had white rims on it that were at least 20 spoke. Muffler, or full exhaust. Looked pretty nice, JUST WONDERING IF IT WAS ONE OF U GUYS. I think this guy is on cause I think I might have seen a decal in his rear driver side window.

im up in north east pa scranton ,pa

Gold? zx2 w/ decal(i think) on side. Around 8ish I think. Seen today on York Haven Rd (Rt. 382) down near the Shell gas station. Just wondering if it was any of you. I was in my S/R.

ir it was my car someone else was driving it lol i was at work and the car is at the body shop getting the front painted
but york is not that for away

no, had no kit.

Im Also from Scranton,Pa ,well around it .Oh yeah my husband zxtuner79 is also here :lol:

I’m in Dillsburg, so, you guys aren’t alone.

Wow, there r a lot of teamZX2 guys venturing over here now.

Yo, Cyberman. There’s a shop on Rt. 74? that I went 2 earlier this summer. They used to carryWings West and Eibach. They have a dyno and a silver Focus w/ Ford Racing decals on it among others. Do you know who has the black Z that was there w/ a Buddy Club kit on it? Just wondering.

The shop is not on 74, it’s on old York Rd. (McNew’s Automotive). The guy that owns the black Z with the kit also owns a yellow S/R as well. The black one has a turbo kit in it that apparently blew up. I know that the wiring harness is fried at the very least. I think the dude lives in Lemoyne.

Yea, I wasnt shure of the road, I asked my mom b/c we get parts for our Pop-Up from that camper/Artic Cat dealer. She said that it might b 74 or Old york Rd. O yea, the yellow S/R, is that the one w/ the ford racing sticker on the rear window w/ a WW kit and engine work, 2 kicker subs and other stuff? If so, thats the guy I met up w/ @ McGuires Ford on the Pike. (works in the parts section, needed parts of course!).

mcnews is awesome they helped alot with my friends focus … ill probably be needing their help soon since they are ford nerds

Ya, the S/R is Jason’s from McCafferty Ford (not McGuires).

And they do a bit of work on Focuses. Just so you know though, there is another shop up here (Kauffman’s) that has a dyno and does SCT work as well. Granted, McNew’s actually carries some stuff that fits our car. Let me know when you plan on going there, I’m only about 3 mi. away from them.