Well, I was sitting at Mighty Taco drive-thru with no problems. As I pull out of Mighty I see the car is overheating. I’m stuck in traffic for a minute and then get through the intersection and pull into a parking lot and turn the car off.

I pop the hood and see the anti-freeze is that nice dark brown and boiling. So I know my anti freeze is done and will have to get that changed this weekend.

After the car cools for a little bit, I turn on the accessories and check the fan. It’s not moving and it should be when it’s above a certain point. Well that’s not good, but I have to get back to work very soon.

So I pull the program off my car from the SCT thinking that the program might have something to do with it. No dice. Fan is still not running. So I let the engine cool a little bit more and jump on the highway to get some cool air on the radiator and the car cools down very nicely.

Pull into my job and it’s 3/4 of the way to Hot. Again I check the fan while the engine is running, and it still isn’t running. So now I’m at my job typing up this POST to see if anyone can think of anything I can’t before I inevitably go home.

I’m going to check the connection to the fan, but it could be the thermostat in the radiator too. Post if you have any ideas on what it could be.

chances are its the thermo. I would rule that out before going for the fan.

I know that I have to change my anti-freeze soon to as its the same bubbly brown color. I havent had problems with the overheating though.

Well, I had a second wiring harness and clipped the fan connector off to hot wire it. The fan works.

This weekend I’m going to just replace the coolant and thermostat. My father also questioned if our fan have a fuse on them too. I’m going to check this out because I’m not sure myself.

I will keep you posted.


Problem solved. The 40Amp fuse has been replaced and the fan works perfectly. Now I just need to replace the coolant.

Cool, good job Mirror.

  • Darron

That probelm JUST happend to me. Glad I stumbled onto this.