Our new addition.

I don’t think I shared this yet - figured I’d share our new addition to the stable.

I’m far too addicted… I need to stop before I can’t park anymore of them. :lol:

I’ve been looking for an old 911 or an old 914 for a long time now. I told myself I’d get a 911 if it was in great shape and needed nothing for a good price. I was also willing to buy a project 911 if the only issues were cosmetic. I also said I’d be willing to bite on a 914 if it was a desirable year and something special.

I posted up on various forums and various places and got no bites. Finally - one day on 914 world I get a PM from someone saying they were a local and had a nice 914 I should see.

I was a bit hesitant as most the people who said “I’ve got a nice 914” ended up having no paint, serious issues, needed a rebuild, or had something major wrong… I thought, well, hell, let’s at least go look.

I called, he gave me the address. I took off within an hour. As I approached the address, I noticed the neighborhood. I had been here before, it’s a NICE neighborhood. My hopes started to perk up. I got there and was amazed at the location. He showed me around a bit and was a really nice guy. He told me in his lifetime he’s owned around 20 different 914s… many 911s… and is pretty much addicted to Porsches. “YESSSS” was my immediate thought.

We went and headed to the garage. Immediately I was struck by his other Porsches. GORGEOUS cars. Over in the corner? A beautiful little 914 up on the lift. He had it up there so I could inspect it from bottom to top. There was no rust. No issues. The original paint and interior, original hubcaps. Really was a spectacle to see.

He told me “If you’re looking for a survivor, an original bare bones 914, this is it.” and showed me around. I got to see every part of the car. At the time it was in the middle of a brake job. He replaced the lines and a few days later I went for a drive and fell in love. The car shifted great, ran great, sounded amazing, had a nice little groan to it and handled like it was on rails.

Paid it outright, signed the title, and drove away with the biggest grin on my face I’ve had in a long time.

Enough blah blah blah… pictures explain it all :slight_smile:

















By the way - the original working radio… only option actually bought with the car in 1970!


This is a car for fun though - so I pretty much drive it at every possible moment that I get a chance to on a nice sunny day. I do plan on autocross with it now and then, and bringing it to car shows. Lotta fun - I am happy with our new addition.

No worries though - the ZX2 is still under my care, and under the happy driving habits of my wife :slight_smile:

Very nice. I had the chance to tune a twin weber setup on a six-swapped 914 many moons ago. It’s always good to see a survivor. So. . . . . when are you adding an X1/9 Bertone to the krewe?

That 4 letter F word is banned in my house. :lol:

I guess that means a TR8 is out of the question as well? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm? LOL

i just like the spartan trimmings of the car. you should totally make it a 918 :lol:
how is the shift pattern compared to the z’s? i could see a straight 2-3 shift being pretty fun on my car

Honestly? It’s like rowing a boat. 1st to 2nd is a trick since you don’t wanna nick reverse. After that going through the gears is great. Definitely is an art to learn these things as the linkage is so long that sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s what.

Nice, I like it.