Other parts for a header

So ya know, I was just checkin out some headers on the net. I’m probably going to be buying the kamikaze header from ptuning before the end of May, along with a few other go fast goodies (don’t you love graduation money). But anyway, I’m leaning towards the kamikaze, cause I think I’ve read that it works quite wel, there are few fitment issues, and #1, it’s $265 with free shipping, lol. So I was wondering if I needed a MIL eliminator, or does it come with the appropriate plugs and such?? I’m pretty sure a new gasket would be a good idea, seeing as how the stock one has 102k on it. But what else do I need!?!?! I’m so confused!! not really, just need help. yup.

(O, and I’m not worried about jet coating… the ugly of header wrap doesnt bother me in anyway)

I don’t know man. I haven’t heard much good from the Kamikaze from others who have tried it. You will need a MIL eliminator if you ditch the CAT.

I’m a strong advocate for the Kami, I had no fitment issues. Get the MIL eliminator and some copper gaskets. With those you should be good to go. (I know what you mean about the $$$)

  • Darron

Mil eliminator is like $5 at zxtuner.com

I highly reccomend a jba header , with a custom down pipe and cat attached , but if your gonna ditch the cat , you will need a mil eliminater . If I was you I would buy the kami , seal the hole with a plug , and put a small custom cat on the end and never worry about passing a e-test ~ :roll:

i recommend either the kami or the zxtuner. the zxtuner showed slightly more gains, and has absolutely no fitment or rusting out issues (as it’s ceramic coated). that’s what i have and i LOVE it, except the typical rasp you’ll get by replacing your cat with a straight through pipe :stuck_out_tongue:

ive got the obx, good for the money, not the best though, if i could have, i would have gotten the kami.

If you put in 2.25" piping after the header with a resonator and muffler you won’t get the rasp…not rice-licious at least.

  • Darron