One word game

Say one word in a story you can’t post twice in a row

see where the story goes.

Here’s the compilation of what we have so far…FF

One day Chris finally decided on cutting his serpentine belt only to realize that nail clippers are his real love. The nail clippers sometimes would tell lies about performance, and Chris hates when rocks kick dirt into gopher licking monkeys where ever it bathes and sleeps. Once I saw pigs shift into third, I said, “Hit the hammer, Chris!� Shortly spraying mustard gas onto his hotdog with extra onions, relish in the rear of the mall parking garage. Suddenly Chris farted. It smelled really good, like brown sardines! Now the microwave burned the peanut butter after ten minutes of simmering on the stove. “Mmmmmmmmm!!! Tastes like chicken!� Chris exclaimed. But then a sudden explosion within the walls, knocked over a cam gear. Why the cam did crack in half along the ridge. Soon, Powder joined in spanking his feisty, little red butt cheek. Then everyone burned incense singing, “Hey, Mama what’cha looking for baby?� “I’m on fire,� said Mike, and shoved his noodle around the bend of the carrot, always holding three huge tamales under his ears. Then your old blankie suffocated squirrels, mice, fish and gorillas. This thread needs IronMark to rub his magic chinchilla, that sounds under the bed. “It smells like chicken! Press the red button!� “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!� went the loud weasel. Always in one swift kick to the upper area of MirrorGaurdian’s crotch. He cried. Rolling burritos like hot senoritas, sexy, yet refreshing and satisfying. Tigress should always remember, wear a helmet during dates and Pilates, Both pirates of Texas. “Radio for the Coast Guard!�

Ok…I’m feeling a little bit of phantom pain.

Wow that makes NO SENSE!!! ROFLMAO!! I love it!!!

Thats the whole point of the game.
ok We start a new one only you can use three words. this way it will sound more logical. I hope

darkness falls upon…

That was great!!! :smiley:

The last stronghold

and then we

took arms against

the demonic furbies

who have invaded

ZX2ms. The greatist

example of a

furbie decided on

website of choice

besides or He then

went to a

Strange n’ mysterious place

where chocolate covered