On a stock Zx2 what mods go first?

2002, is it wheels, exhaust, intake or what?

wheels for the most part seem to be for looks unless you’re bothering to make them lighter. most people go with 17" rims and many don’t pay attention to the weight. for performance, this doesn’t do much. you end up with MORE rotating mass and less acceleration, less performance, and if it was a decent wheel and good tread on them you might handle better at the sacrifice of noticeable sluggish rotating mass.

if you mean performance mods I went this route:

  • intake resonator mod with K&N drop in (cheap and easy to do)
  • shifter (can be found for cheap if you look)
  • suspension (not cheap, but worth it)
  • bushings (somewhat cheap, really worth it)
  • underdrive pulley (not cheap, worth it for sure)
  • engine mounts (cheap, REALLY worth it)
  • brakes (varies from what you want, either way, don’t skimp)
  • fabricated ducts into the front facia (pain in the ass)
  • wheels (worth it once everything is done)

If you get aftermarket wheels, i’d keep them as close to the original diameter as you can with lighter weight if you want to do autocross. wider can be better… but a good handling setup needs to be well planned out.

Up to you on were you want your budget. With this is the way I do it

-Udp(Under Drive Pulley)
-Tunning of some sort

If rims your going for it can go two ways. Either performance or looks.

Looks either 17’s or 18’s
Performance 15’s or 16’s…keep in mind light weight.

Doesn’t increase power, but stainless steel brake lines are a great upgrade. They really firm up the brake pedal. ZX Tuner sells a high quality Goodridge kit.

[url=http://www.zxtuner.com/product.sc?categoryId=17&productId=135]http://www.zxtuner.com/product.sc?categ ... ductId=135[/url]

Hey, thanks guys, that was very helpful!

r1 concepts is also good for beefing up brakes.
I’d go:

make sure your normal prevenative maintenance is up to date first though