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BTW, if anyone is getting sick of me posting Team ZX2 stuff let me know.

The Escort would be a fine choice for the funerals, patrol cars or security. They are cheap, fuel efficient and very maneuverable.

Yes there is a problem with their size, you can’t put someone in the back of the car and wouldn’t want to use it to pit a car, but there are advantages.

I would use an Escort as a patrol car inside a city for traffic violations or first responder. If there were a chase, use the Vics for pitting the car and an Escort to setup spikes or block oncoming traffic. If they do need to arrest someone, call for Vic or a Van to pick the person up. Can also use them for a speed trap and have the Vic down the highway to pick the person up.


Id like to see the front of the Z in the pic with the police lights mounted on top.

Id like to see a custom big metal cop car grill mounted up front.

It’s a funeral patrol car. I saw 2 of them earlier today with the lights going. The older ZX2s look alright with the lights on top, but the 03 looks just sick and wrong.