old video

Ok hers some old street racing footage of me driving.


OK im lying but it brought back memories

Holy Crap! That blue car is super quick and agile. There were alot of close calls. I’m glad I’m not that stupid.

Was that blue car a mini? Audi?

VW Golf I think

Well in the spirit of Mike’s “reminiscing” heres an old vid of mine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, the importance of the turn signal and slower traffic keep right :evil: , excellent video.

Our Escorts would eat those cars alive on that road…

Yep yep, griping nearly every turn.

Seeing that Rx-7 and Skyline go at it, crazy.
If I were in that car, I think I would crap my pants on that first turn.

I first saw that first video way back in the good ole days of Lamar. I believe it’s actually an Audi wagon against a BMW, but I don’t remember what kinda BMW.

  • Darron

Hey Roush ,

Because of people like that , I’m on my 3rd rear bumper…people like that are stupid.