Oil pressure sending unit

Does anyone know if I remove my oil pressure sending unit to install a pressure gauge, will that turn on my “service engine” light? I would much rather install the gauge piping into the block, instead of using a T intersection. I know it will turn on my oil pressure idiot light, but i will just remove the bulb in the gauge cluster. Any imput on this matter will be much appreciated. Has anyone else done this, and how much of a P.I.T.A is it to do?

This will not turn your engine light on.

Hey thanks alot ZX2Fast! The oil pressure sending unit is right next to the oil filter correct?

Yes, on the driver side of the oil filter.

This picture was taken from the top of the engine, the altenator is removed for clarity. I’m pointing to the switch with the end of my magnetic pickup tool.


Check out the rest of my Cardomain, it is quite informative.


Thanks again ZX2Fast! I just finished up the new oil presure gauge and it looks sweet! later