ohio boys?

any one out there?

I AM! So is Tigress.

  • Darron

Where ya from in OH Misca?


canton/akron area :slight_smile:

You are about the same distance I am from Cedar Point. If you hear about any good car shows during the summer in Cleveland, drop me a line.

Sounds like we need a meet down there!

Off topic… but did u guys know that they filmed a Vid of those Girls Gone Wild tournaments earlier this year at Cedar Point??? My dad brought it up like a month ago LOL.

OHIO Rocks that is why!!

Um what does your dad do for fun?? :shock: lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad everyone showed up so late in the year…we coulda gone to CP Holloweekends! :frowning: I’m sad, didn’t get to make it up there this year… Oh well.

  • Darron

me too… my plans to come out there got squished by crashing my bike…

Why does everyone post Ohio boys? Only joking Im from Ohio mostly.

got to say central Oh is back on the site

I’m from Ohio

i’m from se ohio