Oh things changed a little...

I’m liking the silver bars across people’s names and what not and the little brushed up things here and there. Keep up the good work :slight_smile: This site looks great :slight_smile:


nice and sharp!



everythigs coming along nicely

its getting there man what else is gona happin to the site


I am slowly just workin away at it. If you have requests for anything let me know.

feeling at home…

There is advertising now? I hope it is customized to our needs. Hopefully no products like adult diapers, viagra or V8 cars.

No it should pick up the contents of the forum and site and taylor it to the site… like ZX2 products and such. I might take it out cause its kinda an eyesore. It does help though to cover some costs of the site. I am just giving it a trial run. No worry :wink:

Dang, thats cool. :slight_smile: I noticed it too. But hey, it isn’t like it’s popups and stuff… so I appreciate that Chris. Hey if the guy wants to help with the webhosting bills with a few banners, I’m cool with that.

Yeah I promise no more advertising than the google ads :wink:

I don’t mind it, just happen notice it.