Official Wheel Guide *NEW*

Need some help guys… Does anyone know all of the wheel sizes that will fit our cars?

Rim size: 15" 16" 17" 18"
Offset: 35mm, 40mm,
Width: 7", 8", 8.5"

So if someone could post up the combos of the wheel sizes that will fit on a stock zx2 without modifications that would be awesome!

Then also maybe post the tire sizes along with that wheel combo?


Size: 17" x 8"
Offset: 35mm offset

Just thought. let me know what ya think.

Well…I’ll start with what I know works…

Rim size: 17x7
Offset: 40mm
Tire size: 205/40R17

  • Darron

Mine are 16 X 7", 40 mm offset, 205/40ZR-16. They fit, no rubbing or any other issues. :slight_smile:

Did that throw your speedometer off? That sounds like it’s smaller than stock and would throw off a bit…

  • Darron

Typo on my part. They’re actually 45 series tires. They’re exactly what Tire says to put, so I did. I don’t think my speedo’s off.(haven’t been pulled over for speeding yet…) :slight_smile:

P205/50R16 fit perfect in my opinion.

would 7.5" wheels fit?

ideal (non-rubbing) ZX2 wheel/tire combos…

ZX2 bolt pattern: 4x100mm

ideal rims for 185 width tires:
14x5.5", 14x6", 35mm-45mm offset
15x5.5", 15x6", 35mm-45mm offset

ideal rims for 195 width tires:
15x6", 15x6.5, 37mm - 43mm offsets
16x6.5", 16x7", 37mm-43mm offsets

ideal rims for 205 width tires:
15x6", 15x6.5, 15x7", 40mm - 43mm offsets
16x6.5", 16x7", 40mm-43mm offsets
17x7", 40-43mm offsets

ideal rim sizes for 215 width tires:
16x7", 16x7.5", 42-43mm offset
17x7", 17x7.5", 42-43mm offset
18x7.5", 42-43mm offset

important points:

  1. not all tires of identical size are made to the same width - there can be variances as much as 1/2" between manufacturers of the exact same number size tire.

  2. wheel offsets have to do with how close or far the tire will be to the strut or wheel well - a lower number offset means the tires are closer to the fender, a higher number offset means the tire is closer to the strut.

hope that helps.

as for tires and speedo calibration, approx 23.5" OD is what the 120mph speedo and pcm are calibrated for, so here’s a list of tires that will make a negligible difference to the speedo:

185/65-14 (35-50mm offset wheels needed)
195/60-14 (35-45mm offset wheels needed)
205/60-14 (38-43mm offset wheels needed)
185/60-15 (35-50mm offset wheels needed)
195/55-15 (35-45mm offset wheels needed)
205/55-15 (40-43mm offset wheels needed)
215/50-15 (42-43mm offset wheels needed)
195/50-16 (35-45mm offset wheels needed)
205/45-16 (40-43mm offset wheels needed)
215/45-16 (42-43mm offset wheels needed)
205/40-17 (40-43mm offset wheels needed)
215/40-17 (42-43mm offset wheels needed)

Even more Good info. Might have to put this in the how to threads for good information

Need opinions, anyone know if these will fit? Or at least clear?

I really doubt it, wheels? yes. Tires? no. when i had 215’s they rubbed like crazy on my 17’s

205/55/16 is the best tire siz IMO. No rubbing though I’m not dropped. I don’t think it would anyways though. Speedo is close. Looks good.

205/55/16 rubbed on mine. Granted mines also the S/R so its got the lowering springs on it. But did find a set of 15s I like but want to a little bigger then that

Any 205 will fit provided you pay attention to the wheel offset. 40-43mm offset would not cause rubbing even with lowering springs.

but 205/55-16? thats 1" taller than stock, so although it may be good for mpg, it’s going to hinder performance and throw off the speedo 5% (70mph indicated is 73.5mph actual). Its like changing the zx2’s manual trans differential final drive from 4.10:1 to 3.89:1


Like I said, speedo isn’t THAT far off and it looks good.

Call me picky - but when the speedo says 70, I want to be going 70.