Odd electrical problem with the sound system

Ok, so back when I had my 02, I had an Alpine CD head with the iPod interface installed. It had resided in the car for almost a year and a half, then right around november of last year something weird started happening. If I turned off the car with the system still on, regardless of which input was playing (tuner, CD, or the iPod) then later came back and fired her up, the system display would turn on, but there would be no sound. Nothing. No sequence of buttons, or turning the unit on or off would fix the issue. What I would have to do is stop and turn the car off for a few minuets, or eject the faceplate and press the unit reset button, which would also junk all my radio and audio level presets. Before I could get this looked at the accident happened early december. I got my 03 and transfered everything. The problem disappeared until now. I’m wondering if my head unit is defective. Any suggestions?

i have to say you head unit is on the fritzzz

yeah thats unusual. I would check with Alpine and see if maybe they have a tech solution for you. I have a alpine deck myself and have never had a problem except for CD’s getting stuck, and that was because I let the felt on the CD tray get dirty (im not sure what they are called!!!).

did you chech for voltage for sound coming out of the radio, at the harnes rig a jumper and such

Hmm. I’ll try that.