OBX Headers

Anybody know if the OBX headers for the escort are good? Most people are saying they sound like crap but what is your opinion?

They are ok for the price, that is pretty much what everyone is gonna say. Not better than a Kami, or a Hotshot (only chance @ a hotshot/ZXTuner header is a used one they are no longer manufactured.) But the next step down would either be the OBX or a JBA but the JBA isn’t a full length (it bolts to the cat dosent eliminate it like the three others mentioned above.) And the pacesetter cones in at a sore sure last place, aka paceshitter.

haha yeah i went through 3 sets of pacesetter headers cause it was still under warranty. so kamikaze is better than hotshot and the rest?

Its arguable, some say the hotshot over the kami others say the kami over the hotshot/zxtuner. The differences are: The kami is a 4-1 with a 2.5" collector. The Hotshot is a 4-2-1 and it finshes off with a 2 1/4" collector. I have both (I have not ran my kami yet its going on my new build), but I can say I dont have any issues with my zxtuner, and the kami also looks like a solid piece.

I believe the gude full length header is better than all from what I have read… but I have not heard of many ppl going this route. Mainly because they are expensive, and you have to use the gude exhaust with it (or custom exhaust) it will not mate up with the stock exhaust bends (or a trubendz since the use the stock bends.)

There’s no noticeable difference between a zxtuner and kami header, since kami’s the only one on the market it’s your route to go. The gude is rare at best and a real mofo to fit. Plus its really vulnerable to denting on the lower primaries