NY and PA represent at The Villa Capri Cruisers Car Show

Well 1st Happy Fathers day to anyone whos a father or whos going to be father or even plans on being a father. Today was a wonderful in the NY and PA area.

Mike (Roushzx2), his son, my father, and myself attended the Villa Capri Cruisers car show in scranton. BTW thanks for directions and the oppotunity to drive someone else zx2 Mike!

It was such a busy day today. To bad that I was delayed from leaving home and we ended up showing up to the car show late. However that did not deter Mike or myself from entering into the car show. Neither of us won, and I was taken for $15 by the 50-50 (turn out to be 50-16.8-16.6-16.6, becaue they split the winnings between 3 winners) but it was for a good cause.

There were over 400 cars that attended and registered for this event. Mike and I were 381 and 382 in the registrant order. However, neither of us won anything other then the door prize (nice set of floor mats and a hat!).

Over the 5 hours we were there I took about 150 pictures of the different cars that were. In all I have 6 gallery’s to present. Take your time and look through them. There are alot of nice cars and maybe even a right hand drive car (can you guess which one it is?)!

Here are the 4 gallerys of cars that were present at the car show!

[url=http://www.318am.com/images/zx2/June18/0to100/index.html]http://www.318am.com/images/zx2/June18/ ... index.html[/url] http://www.318am.com/images/zx2/June18/A2C/index.html http://www.318am.com/images/zx2/June18/D2O/index.html http://www.318am.com/images/zx2/June18/R2Z/index.html

Here is the Gallery of Mike and Myself and our cars!


Here are some pictures of the area that Mike lives in (well a few miles East of him anyway!)


After all is said and done I think I now have sun poisoning and dehydration. It was hot there! BTW I got a great picture of the carshow hotties, signed by them!

WOW thats a great looking pair of ZX2’S
Great time was had.


the Gallery of Mike and Myself was updated to include the pics of the Carshow Chics.

LOL!! Cool!!