Nummy! - This one is for mark!

Hope your bike is going well, hopefully this summer I’ll have this on mine :slight_smile: [url=] ... 0&go=GO%21[/url]


I’m considering replacing the shock with an EX500 shock so it’ll handle a bit better as well.

Hows the Suzuki coming along? :smiley:

mmmm…I love the muzzy’s. One of the supervisors at work just bought a 'Busa with the Muzzy pipe…and WOW! Best sounding Street Bike I’ve heard (crotch rocket anyway)

I sold her! :frowning:

But im saving up the money from that and my tax return to get another! Possibly an SV650S with Yoshi pipe and Jet kit.

Muzzy’s great! I was going to get a M4 CF slip-on if I kept my bike.

that EX500 shock should help out a bit with handling!

Well considering I can nab an EX500 shock off ebay and it’s an easy mount up I think it’s a worthy investment.

I’ll be saving a while for the muzzy but, so worth it!

Well Mark, too bad you sold her but hey, when you get another bike we’ll have to hook up and ride man :slight_smile: