Now that it's back... New pics!

Some recent photos of the zx2…

Just before winter hit right after she got tint :slight_smile:

very nice.

although i would cry if my car was on snow. lol

haha why is that?

i didn’t have much choice… i had my studs taken off and then the next day it snowed on me LOL it figures right?

my car has never seen snow. remember koi, i live in georgia.

it’s only snowed once since the car was bought. it was this past december, and i drove my mom’s car everywhere until it melted and stayed off of roads that were salted for at least a week. the underside of my car still looks new, and i want to keep it that way. . .

Sounds pretty mint…


i thought you had seen my car. i’ll start a thread. none of the underside, but i’ll probably get some this weekend. . .

i’m horrible at remember cars to names. yes definitely gotta see some pics :slight_smile: what color was it? i may remember …

That drop looks nice Koi. Suspension Techniques right?

Nice, red z with a moonroof, i wish mine had a moonroof. You had or have gauge overlays right?

Suspension techniques yes.

And yes to the guages…

here’s some more that are from my girlfriend’s Nikon D40

I love the CF inside of it. Looks great over all the car does. Do you guys have snow yet there since I am guessing these are from last year. Love red zx2’s. Looks great bro.

man the paint on your z is really nice quality.

Thanks man :slight_smile: she’s been washed and waxed on a regular basis since i bought it way back in 03.

How lovely that you posted some pics of my car for me! :] I feel bad for the z, it hasnt looked that clean since…welll…that day.

Go wash it. :lol:

Mine’s pretty gross too :x It’s gonna be like 40 degrees tomorrow but I might wash it anyway :twisted:

I think my Ducati is actually dirtier than my zx2 right now…

And my Porsche 944 is worse than that! :o

I dont want to wash the car and accidentally freeze the doors shut.

Lol this is true. :lol: