Nova's future look.

So I’ve been getting annoyed with the chips in the paint and the bumps and dings left by the previous owner. With a little help from a buddy of mine (whom I will shamelessly promote at the bottom) and with Mac’s blessing for using the Fanta as a template, I bring you the future look of Nova.

The WW kit and the celica spoiler look hot together, and added to my own choice of color I finally like where I’m going. I may not get the same hood, and the rims I have in mind are a dull silver, but that is essentially the idea.

Now for that plug, my pal Ryan Weiber helped with the photoshoping, and he also helped me bore out a custom shift knob that I will install later, but here is the link.

BTW, the other guy, Mike, I’ve known since high-school. The group of us and a few more are working on creating an indie film production team.

The guys who did that stars wars spoof are you friends??? DUDE! I laughed my ass off when I first saw it, it is the best spoof I have ever seen. Coolest thing I have seen in a long while on the internet. I love at the end when they kill each other.

you got a job for me? lol!

I think you have a great plan going for the Nova! I cant wait to see it.

See, and you all though I was kidding with that movie idea for the zx2.

That looks tight dude! I’ve been toying with the idea of two tone like that. I would keep the factory “PIMP GOLD” and do black down at the bottom like that. I like it. I also agree that the WW and Celica look tight together.

  • Darron

lol, “pimp gold” ? Is that the offical name? :smiley:

Not steal your Idea,
But the Fanta gets a new paint job come the end of 07(after the JohnP monster motor is installed,
I will have to log this in as a possibility…

I think it is really sharp looking and there are more pics you may like in my webshots that your buddy may be able to tease you with future looks of your ride…

Go get em tiger!!!


Lol! On here, yes it is. Just ask Pip…speaking of…anyone hear from him lately?

I’ve got faith in you that no matter what you end up doing, it’ll look tight.

  • Darron

Hey, no complaints here. I’ve already got a few more ideas that I’m gonna try out.


Dont get you hopes up, I have no faith in you :smiley:. Your doing a ZX2 movie… something your going to put on the net? Give me a enough time notice and I mite drive out to be in it.