Normally I wouldn't talk politics; next prez, thoughts?

what’s everyone’s thoughts on obama getting elected tonight? Please keep it clean, no mud flinging is tolerated, but feel free to discuss :slight_smile:

I typically go republican over here, based on my grandfather was going to run for Minnesota at one point and would of one. He has taught me his views and I have went with it ever since. Other than, all I can say is the people spoken and they choosed him. I guess well see how it goes.

I’m super happy that Obama has won!

100% of the votes are not in yet, but I hope Proposition 8 in California fails. Last I checked, 95% in and looks like Prop 8 will pass, but I have my fingers crossed.

I’m very unhappy, but it is irrelevant considering he got elected anyways.

I do not think he will do well for this country, but I will hold my tongue until we see what actually happens. We can guess all day, but in the end none of it matters.

I hear you eric. I feel the same way too. I hope the best but well see what happens. I don’t really follow up on to much of his views based on it seems like more taxes which is killing us already. Around here its at 7 percent god knows if it goes up what well happen

You realize that the increase in taxes will be on those who make more than 250k a year. I don’t make that much, so I’m safe. And if you are rocking an Zx2 more than likely you don’t make that kind of money either.

Side note, taxes on people actually been lowered on people for the past 8 years. So does it feel like you have more money? It doesn’t feel like it to me. I look at the dollar and see even less of what it can buy. There is a reason for that, it is because we have borrowed more money and increased the national debt. The national debt carries a price tag, compounding interest which you and I have to pay for just like a tax. You and I don’t see that tax, but when your dollar has less buying power you feel it.

I do not see any tax increase personally, no.

You are mistaken though. Tax increase will be on businesses making more than 250k annually, and on families making over 200k annually.

They increases will be seen lower on the bracket though, because Obama can’t cover his proposed spending, and democrats just love government programs.

I’ve spoken with many people who said after the tax increases are in place, they will need to fire an employee or two, to keep the business going. Its disappointing, but it is what it is. Its either that or they will have to raise their prices to continue to pay for everything they need to keep that employee on board.

That is all I have to say though. Like I said, I will hold my tongue until we see what actually happens.

Dang it. I make over 200k …I am so screwed.

The top end increase goes from 35% to 39.4%. The 39 is correct, but don’t quote me on the .4%.

I wouldnt personally waste my time on who is president. He holds no sway over me. It upsets me a good deal that the politicos manage to keep everybody squabbling over the presidential beauty contest like a lost episode of Entertainment Tonight, all the while draining our nation of it’s resources, not to mention it’s honor. Remember kids, a nations downfall is directly proportional to it’s lack of reward for excellence. In a world where there are no winners or losers, there can be only losers.

way confused at what your trying to get at? Either way this last presidential election is a fail your saying?

Check out your copy of the U.S. Constitution. Congress dreams up the laws, Congress dreams up the taxes, Congress sends out the hired guns to collect those taxes, Congress overrides presidential vetoes, Congress approves/disapproves judges, Congress may/may not impeach Supreme Court justices, Congress may/may not impeach the President. The President? He commands the military (albeit with a great deal of congressional input/control) and little else. Keep your attention on congress, dont be distracted by the ceremony of presidents.

I’m just sayin’

Isn’t our congress made up of more democrat now? Didn’t it change like 2 years ago with the congress going from side to the other?

Yes, the Democrats do hold a majority. What they are fighting for now is to increase that to 60 in order to have a filibuster proof majority. I’d like to see the look on O’s face when he realizes that the congressional democrats are not on his “team” and are playing their own agenda.

Really those guys think different than obama’s view’s if so how? This is kind of cool since he might be getting into something that he is not excepting from the same party are you saying?

It’s not so much that their views are very different. It’s all in the application of those views. Obama is a touch naive in his approach expecting everybody to make nice and pitch in for the common good/goal. The “yellow dog” democrats expect everybody but themselves to pitch in for the(ir) common good. I call it the “jobs for friends” program…

The poor guy is a tool and cant even see the toolbox. He just doesnt have the street cred’ to be tellin’ the good ole’ boys in congress what to do and when to do it. I havent heard of the congressional black caucus inviting him to a sleepover…have you? Normally we would be hearing from Congressman Rangel about what a fine example of democracy this is, but not even a peep or a whimper. Even the union democrats seem more interested in divvying up the jobs and money than they do in promoting a common agenda. It’s kinda like what I tell people who ask me how I am doing…“same old, same old”

I swear sometimes I just want to move to Aruba and set up a bicycle shop, sip iced tea and watch the sun go down. Before you ask, NO, there will be no playing of the Jimmy Buffet while I am trying to enjoy nature… :sunglasses:

Man great stuff your putting up. Its always great to see reviews and feedback about this kind of stuff.

Obama? Naive? No…


ha ha ha