Nor-cal guys

hey nor-cal guys i got my new turbo kit up and running and im taking it to the track on dec 16 at sac race way. id love to see some of you guys there. i dont come to this site much anymore most of the people piss me off. haha. n e ways ill check back in on this thred later but ya im shootin for 10s with 350 whp

I’m in LA, a bit of a ways down. I might be able to come up.

Who’s been giving you trouble? (says a non admin member.) :?

If there is a problem with another member, please let site administration know so that we may help to resolve the issue. We do not want people to feel unwelcome here.

btw im glad to hear you new turbo is up and running! cant wait to see track vids!

i actuly copied that from the other zx2 site and forgot i put the members part in. this is the coolest site we have. hey darth if your that hard core we would love to see you. there arnt too many cali guys that i have found that are willing to do anything anymore. almost all the old timers are done with the z and most of the new ones are just punks so ya im tryn to get a group of z’s togather but it doesnt look like there will be any other then me and a guy from around me coming.

lol! ok, I was just trying to be pro-active in preventing issues. Im glad that you feel that we have cool site!

I’ll do my best kicker, but that is right around finals time. (Only one more semester till I graduate) I’ll keep in touch!

Jesus, $50?! I guess it’s cool since most folks get around 10+ passes on T&T days. Wish they still had the cheaper Wednesday runs or the Saturday Grudge Fest.

ya prices go up in the off season

well looks like its gona be a rain out. so im not gona drive up there on a chance of rain. well weather permiting the 30th and the 1st ill be there.