noobie here

just wanted to say hi. i know, I dont own a zx2 YET. i will be owning one when my insurance settlement comes in. hopfully in the next 2 months. anyway the car i own now is a 93 lxwith the following mods:
familia garnish,act clutch,port match intake/exaust manifolds,b&m short shifter,16in black wheels,mx3 seats,rear lower tie bar and rear console,pacesetter header,2 1/4 in exaust,catco high flow cat,rx7 mafs, cone filter,toga high volume oil pump
when i get the zx2 i will either be selling this or putting it in the garage and building it into a drag car. well anyway just saying sup to all and soon to be giving details on my new(used) zx2 when i get it.

does any body know if the mx3 seats will fit into the zx2? if not i guess i will be the first to try it.

i could be wrong, but i am under the impression yes…

I know that the seats from one of the mazdas fits, i cant remember if its the mx3 or 6.


What’s up dude? Welcome! Yet another Ohio ZX2ner! lol Good to hear! Any questions feel free to ask. Did the RX-7 MAF do a lot? I wonder if it could be made to fit the ZX2…

  • Darron

rx7 mafs gives an extra 5 hp after 6000 rpm from what i here. you can feel it when your engine starts to lose power before with the old protege mafs but now its keeps going to the end of the fuel cut off

I pretty sure marks right on the seat thing. If not it won’t be off by much.

Btw welcome to the forum. Later.