noob needs a new engine

hi new guy here. i have a 99 with the 4 wire maf and mtx . i need a new engine .can you guys tell me what years i can use my vin starts with a 3 and the 8th number is a 3. thank you

You can use any zetec escort engine from any year. You’ll just have to swap the maf etc over.

98 to 03 will fit i have 2000 car an a 2003 moter

so the only ones that will work without switching a bunch of stuff is a 98 or 99 ? im asking because i can find engines for 00-03 i ask the junkyard dude he says they wont work thats why im asking people who know .

i think im getting mixed up cant i just swap the engines and keep my maf and everything else? people on teamzx2 are sayin keep my stuff and swap engines and it should work

You just swap in the long block with all the accessories that are bolted on. You keep all other externals from old engine like the intake, maf tube and sensor and all other peripherals. You can also use the zetec from the contour as well as they share the same engine as well as the vct on the exhaust side as well as all the other suggested years in this post

What are you getting confused about? We all are saying the same thing! YOU CAN USE ANY ESCORT ZX2 ENGINE!!! and as this guy said ^^ you can use a contour engine also! But you already getting confused so let’s keep it simple and just say “any escort zx2 motor will work from 98-03!”. If you wanted to you could put a focus motor in it lol but that’s a different story and not direct drop in.

thats wat i side lol. when we said about swaping the maf if u r going to use yours u have to keep the same ecm. if u put a diff one in u have to change the ecm to

ahh got ya thought u guys meant had to switch maf etc thanks