no more pimp gold zx2

I just got back home after wrecking my car. I was driving really late, and like an idiot, I fell asleep at the wheel. I hit a road sign traveling about 70 and the airbags deployed. I then spun into the median. I’m pretty sure it will be totalled…at least I hope it is. I’m just glad I didn’t hurt anybody.

damn dude… that sucks.

I am glad to hear that you didnt get hurt. You gotta watch out when your taht tired!! What are your plans now?


Sorry to hear about that. :frowning: Just glad no one was hurt. Sounds like it was a nasty crash!. Are you going to get another zx2 or something else?


If their airbags deployed it’ll more than likely get totaled. Thats a huge factor when it comes to car crashes. Anyways glad ta hear your good and well.

Awww…too bad…looks like pretty soon I’ll be the last Pimp Gold ZX2 here! That is, if Pip leaves, but I haven’t seen 'im around much lately…I may be… :cry:

Good to hear you’re okay bud! I’m glad.

  • Darron

I test drove a mitsubishi lancer ralliart today and it was pretty sweet. It has A LOT of torque. The factory header makes the engine sound great! I also got to drive a really nice maxima. I have always wanted one of those. That 3.5 engine is awesome! That car is LOADED gansta style. Last but not least…a mazda 6s. That car has a lot of power and handled great.

It will be a tough decision, but right now the order is:

  1. maxima
  2. ralliart
  3. 6s

I think you should go with the mazda6. They look awesome and plus if they handle great that’s great too. I would like to get one someday but that of course requires a better job…Good luck on your decision dude.


Mazda 6 is got my vote. Great car, great look, and not too bad performance either. Guy at work has one, I wouldn’t mine to own one either. But your the one drivin it you go with what you like the best.

Mazda 6 definatly. But if you wait 3 more months Ford is releasing the Fusion which is based off of the 6.

Mazda 6…ohhhhhhhhhhh…my car of choice…i’m in love with that car…ahh…oh…oh baby, ah…oh oh oh. :oops: hmm, alright I’m sure that explains it.

Darron, Pip is in Merry `Ole England right now serving in the Air Force. That’s probably whay we haven’t seen much of the boy.

I test drove a tiberon GT (i hope i spelled that right). Although it was good looking, I was not impressed with the performance.

I came really close to getting the ralliart, but the dealership blew that sale!

I got a silver 2005 mazda 6s. It’s a sweet car! I’ll try to post some pictures when I can.

Sweet! Cool dude, can’t wait to see it!


(Oh yeah! That would explain it! lol)

speaking of haven’t seeing much of people…where’s lamar? tis sad such a great car with unlimited possiblitys like the ZX2 ford had to get rid of and leave a great community of guys from zx2ms just sticking together as long as possible.

SWEEEEEEET!!! Good color choice too. I love silver cars.


HAHA…DUDE!!! I just talked to him this evening on the phone. He’s sold the ZX2 & wasn’t sure if he should still be in here. I told him to get his ass back here, & pronto!

He sold it! And didn’t tell me! Oh…Miranda’s gonna POOP! Yeah, get his butt in here!

  • Darron

Why would he sell the Z? Tell him that he needs to get back here because we need him, he can’t ditch his family! I thought we were all family? :?: Anyways, tell him that when he comes back he just needs to give us a 10 page report on why he sold his Z and an apology for just leaving us hanging and then…I suppose he can be back in the family. It’s kind of like the mafia…

Hey, You talkin’ ta me?

Say hello to my little friend! ratta tat tat tatata!
Keep the change ya filthy animal.

Sorry, I’m retarded don’t mind me dur…

I’m still alive, and I’m missing the Pimp Gold Z, badly. (although, truth be told, sitting in the wrong side of the car driving on the wrong side of the road is pretty cool.)

Damn, Bobby. I’m really glad you are ok. That would be fucked up to lose a ZX2ner. I’mma say a prayer for ya, to thank God for your safety.
It’s a shame to lose a PG car… but now you know what color you need to paint the Mitsu… :wink: