No Heat at all

Have replaced the thermostat and cable inside for the flapper door, making sure the door operates well, thermostat seems to be opening ok, as the car warms, No heat will come from the dash at all, I have removed the hose to the core and blew air through them and it seems fine, I have also noticed the temp gauge will rise and drop while driving which indicates a faulty t-stat, any ideas, is it possible to blow air through the core and still be clogged??

You’ve got air pockets in the system. Assuming you mean you blow air but it’s not hot.

Bleed the cooling system, turn your heater on full blast while you do it to flush air pockets out of the system. If your stat is holding an air pocket in it then you can drill a 1/8" hole in the thermostat (this will not affect your cooling performance and allow air pockets to get past it if they are airlocked past your stat) and re-bleed the system. Make sure you do this and clean the stat off as you don’t want metal chunks in your passageways.

Hope this helps.

You didn’t mention whether the blower was working or not…

Yes the fan motor is blowing well, also will try drilling a hole in the thermostat housing, I think it is air bound also, will post results later in the week, thanks

Curious if you fixed this or not? If you haven’t, can you turn your temp knob to heat and still blows cold? If so, take the dash plate off and look behind towards the top. Behind your radio there is a round plastic piece that it attached to a metal bar. It is turned sideways so you will be looking at the side of it. If that piece is missing from that bar, get some gorrila glue and glue it back on. That is what pulls the mode door when you turn your temp knob inside the car.

I too had issues with heat not coming out of the vents. I found a vacuum line which had a leak. This was about a 1/8" ID hose between the back of the engine and the firewall. I could only get heat out the defroster which is a default mode. Replacing the hose fixed my issues. If you do the 1.8" hole drilled in the thermostat make sure the hole is in the 12 O Clock position when installed.