No drama llama.

There can be only one…

[url=] ... 20LAMA.jpg[/url]

I am a member… but I’d love this to be a place that doesn’t have all the drama and b.s.

Though pheller edited his post i will explain:

we are not going to have any teamzx2 vs zx2ms posts here, or any of the polls. i will give you about 24 hours to review this post and am then deleting this for the benefit of the community.

The reason being is that we are a drama free site, we do not promote that kind of thing. Not only that but I have called Carl (CJW) who owns teamzx2 and told him i wish to keep their air clean between our sites.

Teamzx2 is their own thing, we are ours.

We do not allow politics, religion and drama on this site. It’s one thing to compare cars, it’s another to worry about comparing sites and the people. 2 different communities are different for a reason.

We are here to promote the zx2, the people who love it, the motorsports that revolve around it and the things that are wrapped around it. I’m not telling you that you can’t have fun. But the place for politics, religion and drama is not here.

I encourage all people here to post up and have fun. But please be mindful of that. Thank you.