Hey, im seth im and unemployed zx2 lover and skater and love to work on my carz and have fun with the mods i can install.Itz Toreador Red Clearcoat Metallic and i have some slight mods like stereo and subs mine itz also a premium sound version so i love it :smiley: I put all my effort and wut time i get with it messing with things and trying new things. I would like for ppl to add me so i can have some good connects so if i have any questions i can have some good peepz to talk too.


i might be puttin some zx2 oem speaker partz and odds and end up for sale ina couple months so get at me about them if ur needing anything.

Welcome, Seth!

Iā€™m Derek.

Glad to have you here! Always great to have new members!

Welcome to 2 land!

Odd you should mention that, I might be in the market for some OE 6x8 for the rear of my little mexican mazda.