New zx2 = return to the forums

Hi guys, I seriously doubt any of you remember me, (I posted very rarely), but I am finally returning to the forums because I just purchased a second zx2, lol. I had wrecked a green 2000 zx2 right before I moved to Atlanta to go to Georgia Tech :frowning:. Last weekend though, I purchased a white 2001 zx2 with 76000 miles on it, hooray! I just loved the old one so much that I needed another. It’s missing some odd interior peices, has a squishy steering wheel (no idea why), and idles kinda rough. I also remembered that this forum provides all sorts of useful information, so I came back!

Welcome! Though I think you left before I joined so you probably have no idea who I am, lol.

Welcome back.

If you just got the car and with that many miles, sounds like you have your work cut out for you replacing OEM parts.

Is it rough from what you remember or worse?

It’s a little worse, I think it’s mostly because it idles at a lower rpm than I remember. The dealership I bought it from guaranteed me in writing that they would replace the plugs and wires for free, to smooth it out. I had a set of plugs that I never changed in the old one, so I put them in, smoothed it out a little, but it still idles low. I’m changing out the drive belt and timing belt next weekend, and praying that I don’t need to buy a coil pack. Also, the plastic piece that is attached to the front bumper and holds the headlight assembly on has a broken bracket, any idea what that is called? BTW, this car was only $3500, that’s why it needs some fixing, my mechanic said there are no major mechanical problems, just regular wear.

I remember you. I think anyway. Welcome back. THings are preety much the same here as always. So plaese post away and dont be afraid to ask 4 help with whatever you need. ZX2MS is still a home away from home. Just with the type of Family to try to hide from the neighbors. lol

I remember the name, but that’s about it. Welcome back.

About your idle issue. There should be a way to adjust the idle. I’d have to look under there to find out how exactly, but there should be a screw or something you can adjust to make it idle higher.

About the front cover bracket. Are they the black plastic pieces that are right between the two radiator mounts? If so, no big, that just means a previous owner hit something/someone with the front end, but not enough to set off the airbags or do any other damage. Both of mine are broken because some douche made a right hand turn from the left hand lane in front of my buddy and I was behind him both of us were accellerating past slower traffic (doing 30-35 in a 45).

Again, welcome back.

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Thanks guys, I’m glad to be back and look forward to posting and getting advice from you guys again.

sct to adjust the idle. hey man nice to here there’s another one of us from atlanta. were kinda in the process of starting up a GA club. I go to Atlanta Christian College, so i’m only about ten minutes away from you. on the 28th a bunch of us are meeting up and going down to reynolds for importshowdown. you’re more than welcome to come

You have an idle adjusment screw.

Try that.

Welcome back, dude.