New ZX2 owner

I am the proud owner of a 2000 silver ZX2 loaded with every option. Love it, it’s damn fun to drive, has nice power and gets good gas mileage.

Anything to look out for maintenance wise to be aware of? My car has 69K original miles.

Congrats and welcome! What kind of transmission do you have? Most people will tell you that the tranny is the weakest link, but most of everything’s pretty easy to do on your own.

Again, welcome to the site and congrats on the toy!

  • Darron

Welcome. Regular maintenance is a must for any car. I have found my ZX2’s to be great cars. My wife has a 2000 White atx and I have a 2000 Yellow mtx. We each have about 90K miles on our cars. Hers is a daily driver, mine come out for special occasions.

Edited to take out the “not” before “found”. I have have owned six Escorts and I think that it would be very hard to find another car that returns a better value.

welcome to the site!