New ZX2 Engines For Sale

I have eight new and complete 2.0 liter Zetec ZX-2 engines available for a group or individual purchase. They are priced at $700.dollars each (no trade-in or core charge) plus a reasonable trucking cost from Detroit, Michigan. Please contact me for additional details, photos and ordering instructions.

Thank you and regards,

Gerry Dedonis “KSGerry”
Kansas Engines
416 North Oak Street
Solomon, Kansas 67480


I was going to post the email you sent me but I didn’t get time to post it yet. Thank you though for signing up and posting what you have for sale. Thanks,

You’re welcome Chris and thank you for the privilege to post this information on the ZX2 Motorsports Forum.

I also have Ford-Mazda 2.3 liter all-aluminum dohc Duratec 2.3 engines/components that were intended to be used in the Ranger and B-2300 trucks. Sadly, they are not an easy install into a ZX2.

Kindest regards,
Gerry Dedonis

HKS…you still need your motor?

  • Darron

I think he got one from a rolling chassis or something for like $300.

yeah i already got the motor i need its the 2.5liter duratec … the 2.3 duratec is still a 4 banger if i remember correctly