New Zx2 02 and I'm totally new to tuning/mods

I just bought a stock 02 Zx2 and the only for sure plans I have are finding a decent set of 17" x 7" rims and 205/40/17 tires. Other than that I want to make it look/ sound classy. I am completely new to all this, my previous and only other car was a 1990 Mercedes 420 SEL which I just drove for luxury/ getting around. I am young and know nothing about pretty much anything car related besides driving the thing.

The Zx2 is a 5 speed manual with practiacally no options besides power mirrors (LOL) and I love it so far, but I think the stock look is pretty lame (besides the front end which I think is pretty raw.) What looks like the stock 14" wheels or what you guys call swirlies are so gay and I want to change those ASAP.

Any suggestions to start out would be great, thanks.

Can somebody please lemme know how to fully build my exhaust? I don’t want to do it they way mexicans with rice hondas do it, I want to do it once, and do it right

trubends makes a great setup for the zx2

Can you elaborate on that? I don’t know what that means? Sorry I’m a newb.

that’s the trubendz. if you want, your local exhaust shop can do you a setup for a little less. just pick out a muffler you like. my opinion, stick with a quality name and basic design.

Your a G, thanks

no problem man. we were all newbs at some point. keep asking questions and someone here will help you out.

a little more advice: if you want to keep it quiet with a nice sound, keep a resonator. if you ever plan to get a header for the car (you might not now but you could get bit by the modding bug), a resonator will keep it the muffler from rasping bad. i speak from experience. my header made my car sound terrible until i put a resonator back into the exhaust. now it sounds great again.

A K&N air filter is a good investment, you can get it at Auto Zone or Advance Auto Parts. Or K&N makes an intake kit for the ZX2.


Trubendz has pictures of my car with the exhaust on it. It is the gray zx2.

currently the trubendz is not on my car but it was a really good exhaust.

your trubendz doesn’t happen to be for sale does it?

no sorry. I need to repair it as my drive way ate a hole through the flex pipe. Once I get that done its back on the car.

another thing is material with trubendz. if you live in a harsh ie northern or otherwise salty area you probably wanna go with stainless exhaust as it’ll never go bad. on the other hand if you live in a milder area the aluminized steel may be all you need.

that is true and the reason i purchased the stainless. however, my drive way is a dirt driveway and had a stone poking out of it.

That with the combination of my car being lowered, the flex pipe caught on it a few times and chewed it up. its not a trubendz quality issue. There stuff is excellent.

Which muffler did you get with that Trubendz? I’m seriously considering buying one, are they still in business? I tried emailing and calling them, but I got no response.

I have a borla on the setup I have at the moment, I’ll have an aeroturbine on the next one

Legit, I live in Oregon so I think weather here is fine with aluminum?

I had 2.25" SS with Cat and magnaflow muffler. it was great!

You’re in oregon too!?!?! I’m over in redmond bro!

You should be fine, most of oregon is dry if you’re anywhere in central (high desert nickname for a reason) I don’t see it as a problem.

So why did you go with the 2.25" instead of the 2.5"? I’ve heard many things about the pros/cons of larger diameter, but just wanted to get another opinion. BTW, is it hard to get in touch with Trubendz? Thanks.

I am in Oregon too reedsport where r u?