new winter beater

so i picked up a new winter beater 3k for a 96 jimmy 2dr its nice … parents wouldnt let me stick my money into my zx2( they think its a lost cause so they told me how to spend my money from the stuff i sold ) but its nice now i can haul around parts and wont get stuck in winter… plus i can leave the z2 parked even after its running so it wont get used and abused as much … ill post pics when i pick it up tomorrow or friday


thats my plan at the end of next month, to get a winter beater…

yeah yeah, im cutting it a little close, but i have no choice… no mula till then!

I gotta talk to Tigress’ dad/bro about buying their truck…I don’t care I need a beater soon. If I get it I’ll post pics so you know what I’m talking about.

  • Darron

my beater is my s/r w/ stock “daisies” and winter tires. Hey what do you expect, im only 17 (till december) LOL. If it gets to bad, Ill just steal/borrow my moms Astro AWD, that thing pretty much goes anywhere in the snow.

I used to have a winter beater… it is my '94 Probe that I totalled in '00 then got fixed, then totalled again in '04. Now it’s got red parts on a blue body and looks like hell. It’s getting the alternator belt repaired after my retarded step-dad broke off both the tensioners and failed to tell me. My fiance was driving down the interstate and everything died!

So, once they get it fixed… he has to drive it because his '87 Olds Cutlass is on it’s last legs until he’s got his small block completed. He’s almost there, I made him stop until after winter, 'cause posi traction rear ends don’t like snow and ice. So I’m stuck with the Z and her stock wheels with Firestone Indy 500’s for winter. :cry:

im only 19 … my mustang used to be my winter beater for last year but it broke and isnt worth fixing … and ive bought all my vehicles and parts my self from my turbo 98 neon acr ( with aftermarket everything installed by me ) my 240sx ( hit a tree sideways ) my mustang and well i didnt buy my z an ex gf bought it for me but i put all the parts on it except the head unit which i got for xmas from an old boss

I’m only 23, and the only reason I got a new car was because when I wrecked my probe, I didn’t have anything else to drive. Believe me, I’ve spent all of my own money fixing it up, and will spend my own money because my mom highly disagrees with the fact that it needs to have more power and look much better. She liked it the way it was. I have paid dearly for everything that I have, believe me. My fiance’s car will have ended up costing him over 4 grand in just the small block, so… I know my parts will be more because the cost of all my stuff is double to triple that.

well i went to the lot to go pick up the jimmy but my rents didnt like it so i got a 94 grand cherrokee instead v8 and all … probably will put a lift and some bigger tires and lockers in it