New Type of Supercharger

I was browsing around and checked out Jackson Racing. Looks like they have a new type of blower out. From what their site says, it looks like the ultimate supercharger!

It’s not really a new type of S/C its a cenrtificial S/C its just new to Jackson Racing who always used a Roots style blower.

I thought centrifugals didn’t have the throttle response of roots/screw type blowers?

they didnt when they 1st came out. but there getting better

Correct. There are now centrifugal S/C that actually have gearing to them to spin a different speed baised on the RPMs. The idea is to give you that low end power that the old centrifugal S/C.

They use an electromagnetic clutch coupled with a gearbox to get different ratios to spin them. They usually do best at 40,000 plus rpms, so it’s a lot higher geared than any other type.

If you want to see a new type of supercharger, check out the Axial Flow supercharger. It’s getting made for the RX-8. It’s pretty much like a jet engine. I’m at work right now, so I can’t go to the forum, but you should go to and check it out.