New to zx2s and already loving them

Hey i’m new to this Forum i just recently bought a 98 zx2 as a project it was wrecked. I am currently in school and work part time at a mechanic shop i love working on cars i have a 1971 challenger big block i drag race. I would like to make some acqaintences for future help in the future or just zx2 talk. i love the zx2and cannot wait until it is completely ready to drive. Any more questions just ask me

They’re fun and cheap to work on, where’s it hit at?

Glad to see your on the forum. Welcome to the group!

Pretty good collision in the front quarter panels hood fender bumper cover bumper headlight wheel and radiator were all ruined. I Finally got the frame 100% staightened out about 9 hours with a cum-a-long and managed a radiator and wheel. Almost road worthy again. Everyone on this forum has seemed pretty friendly so far :slight_smile:

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and welcome to the site :wink: