New to the site

Hey guys im new to the site so i thought i would show you my ZX2. heres a link to my cardomain im also on teamzx2…most of the pics are a few months old but i should be updating them soon.

Welcome to the site!! I’ll click the linky now :slight_smile:

Hey bro. Glad to see you made it on here. Hope you enjoy the site and feel free to post and to enjoy it. Nice car btw and its clean. Anything your going to do to it…or just leave it stock?

Clean car man! My zx2 is the same wonderful shade of red. You’ve really kept that car clean! glad to see you on here, welcome aboard!

thanks man…as of right now my ZX2 has got a 4piece set of red streetglow,the stock keman intake mod,Grille-tech front grille,halogen foglights,pioneer speakers,i sprayed my center councel red and may eventually fiberglass some of the interior, my next steps im gonna take will be getting more envolved some simple engine mods. i’ll be sure to keep it up to date on here :slight_smile:

sounds pretty cool man. you have any pictures of your ride?

yeah i’ve been meaning to get some updated pics heres a link to my cardomain i’ve got a few pics on there the most recent pics are about a month or so old quality isnt amazing cuz i took em’ with a camera phone but i have a digital camera now so i’ll get to it soon :smiley:

no worries :lol: i hear ya, i had nothing but camera phone pics of mine for quite a while. too bad ya aren’t closer i’d snag some pics with our nikon for ya!