New to the site!

Hey guys! Came over from TeamZX2. I didn’t realize how much stuff there is over here. Anyways, just wanted to say “hi” and hope to be spending more time over here. I have a CarDomain link in my sig if anyone is interested.

  • that is all. :smiley:

Welcome to the site!

My car started out just like yours, exactly like yours. Color, Trim, ATX…exactly like yours.

Is that a Pacesetter exhaust header?

welcome to the site

Yes it is. I used to have a Kamikaze, but I couldn’t stand the raspy sound - so I had downgrade. :frowning:

whats ups, glad to see a new face. As far as “Down Grading” to the pacesetter, well if your more happy with the finished product then I would file it as upgrade. But thats just be turning a :frowning: up-side-down. :smiley:.

Well, the quality and power isn’t quite as good. But I did get rid of the pissed off bumble bee sound, with the exchange of leaking gaskets - which caused me to take the header off twice to fix, but all is good now.

Welcome to the site!

What do you have done to the rest of the exhaust? I’ve got the Kamikaze and I love it. I’ve got a resonator in-line before a Borla Pro-XS muffler. It’s got a slight rasp around 3 or 3.5k, but other than that it sounds yummy.

  • Darron

Stock. I did have a different muffler but that was it. Even after changing the muffler it still had a slight rasp but I annoyed the hell out of me and I didn’t like the sound of the exhaust anyway. So, stock muffler with Pacesetter sounds a whole hell of a lot better now IMO.

I’m honestly suprised that you haven’t changed the cat-back portion yet. Usually a 2.25" or 2.5" exhaust is recommended (I have the 2.25"). You may not be able to feel a difference, but the sound change would be amazing. I can only imagine how bad the Kami sounds w/ stock cat-back. Although, I do know how crappy it sounds w/o a muffler (basically straight piped). Loud as all get out and more fart sounds than a full Mexican restaurant. lol

  • Darron