New to the site....

hey guys I’m new here…coming from TeamZX2…Apparently I got banned from there (although I don’t recall doing anything wrong, or even doing anything at all :?)

Great community…I didn’t realize it had so many members!! More forms to get help/help people out!!

PS…anybody else get the “boot” from teamzx2? I sent them an e-mail no response…so i guess this is the new community…looks good too!

What was your name on teamZX2? If it is ZX2er, you are NOT banned that I can see…

Welcome to the site. There are some weird things happening over there along with the new spammers.

Strange, I wonder why I cant get on the site. As soon as I try and go to it both in Internet Explorer and Firefox, I get this message:

Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
Disobeying forum rules and moderators. Posting porn in regular sections after a moderator had already told everyone not to. Permanent Ban suggested and discussed by moderation team. -CJW you may contact me at

I can, however, view the forums through a proxy server…if i log in it says something along the lines as “your account has not yet been approved” or any link I click such as help or register just brings me to the main page… It seems as if its just my computer that is getting this message, as my work computer seems to get into the site just fine (but I still cant log in) Ive tried clearing my cookies/cache but still nothing…

You may be on the same network at your ISP as someone else who conveniently also has it and happened to unfortunately grab an ip banned ip address on your computer. So “You” aren’t banned, the ip your computer is using is, they may have banned an ip range or something like that and you were unfortunate enough to get a new dhcp lease to one of those banned ip addy’s.

Anywho… welcome to the site!

Anyways enough talk about being banned from TZ. You are welcome here as long as you behave :wink: Welcome.

L :slight_smile: L…ok ok ill stop talking about Pepsi in a Coke town :smiley:…I’m glad I found this site…

…BTW…anybody know how much an OE altenator costs for a 98 zx2??? any high output upgrades available from Denso…etc…

I just checked NAPA auto part’s website, 121.00 for an alternator w/o a pulley.

I got one from Advanced Auto Parts ‘cause Tigress’ dad worked there at the time. I don’t remember exactly what I paid for it, but it was somewhere around what Koi said.

  • Darron

awesome…It doesn’t look to hard to change either (compared to my mx-3) Im getting the battery light at ~ 4500 rpm so pretty soon i gotta get to that…ill just take it easy for now…

Welcome to the site:) Always glad to have new people aboard:)


Welcome to the site. IF you look at the intake manifold over the Alternator you will notice a little plastic tab with a metal screw point. It is not connected to anything and has no reason to be there besides mass production. Cut that tab off as close to the manifold as possible. It makes things a little easier and helps with weight reduction… you’ll save like 1/8 an Oz. :smiley:

Any ways welcome to the site